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Player Protection Auto Play

Auto Play

A lot of games both online and offline have the option of auto play. The auto play option generally lets the computer play instead of you if by some reason you can't or don't want to continue playing. Almost all of the games in our website have auto play protection. What this means is that if by some reason you have problems connected to the auto play option will take over and play your turns for you. The auto play protection option gets triggered in a number of different situations.

The option is essentially incorporated to allow players to get back into the game after reconnecting and not be kicked out of it once the connection gets terminated. Once you are back online, all you have to do is to press “I am back” button and you'll be back in the game. If the game has multiple rounds the auto play will carry on playing into the next round and the round after that up to 5 rounds. If the player is not able to connect back within that time, he / she will be dropped from the game.

Also at the same time, the management cannot be held responsible if any irregularities in scoring arise during the auto play protection feature.

Nor will the management be responsible if the feature doesn't work for some games.

The management also holds the right to terminate or remove the auto play protection from any game without further notice.

Is the Internet giving you a hard time?

We do understand the problems faced by our users especially when it comes to connection problems. Not all of India has good Internet connectivity and thus the Auto play Protection will be of great help to the users. So, you do not have to constantly worry about poor connectivity while playing games in our website. Just sit back, relax and have fun.