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How to Register:
  • Make sure you are registered on Rummy Villa.
  • Login on our site.
  • Click 'Play Now' & enter our lobby.
  • Select Tournament tab.
  • Choose 'FREEROLL' (or) 'CASH' Tournaments
  • Click join button.
Terms and Conditions:
  • Verify e-mail & Mobile number.
  • Player must have deposited in last 7 days to be entitled to register in Freeroll Tournaments
  • Winnings from FREEROLL and LOYALTY point tournaments will be added to Deposit Account.
  • Upon making a purchase into the cash account the Promotional Winnings will become null and void as per the Withdrawal Terms.
  • Winnings from FREEROLL and LOYALTY point tournaments for NON DEPOSITORS can only be used for Cash wagering and cannot be withdrawn.
  • Management reserves the right to remove or edit tournament rules at any point of time without prior notice.
  • Fraud activities are not encouraged on our site. If found withdrawals will be suspended.

Know about Rummy tournaments

The introduction of the internet to the game of rummy has enhanced the users’ experience already. Online rummy has revolutionized the whole game by introducing rummy tournaments. It has made rummy tournaments accessible and available at your fingertips whenever you want. Now a player could participate in several tournaments with real-money prizes without any hassle. He does not have to anywhere and wait in the long lines in clubs. You do not have to rely on your family, friends, or close people to play rummy. Now you could sit on your couch and play the game as per your comfort.

RummyVilla tournaments are a perfect opportunity to participate in online rummy tournaments and win some attractive cash prizes. These tournaments are well structured alongside an easy interface. The tournaments on Rummy Villa are a perfect blend of excitement and rewards.

The process is pretty simple as you just have to register yourself to enter the realm of online rummy. Once registered successfully, you could play different rummy variants and participate in their tournaments. You could select formats of your choice, gameplay level, and prizes at per own discretion.

Types of Tournaments on Rummy Villa

Free: The tournaments which could be entered without paying any entry fee are free-roll tournaments. Even if there is no entry fee, the players would still get a chance to win real cash and many other prizes by participating in the free-roll tournaments. There are no hidden requirements or terms and conditions to participate in free-roll tournaments. You could go to the ‘Tourney’ section in the games lobby, select the ‘free-roll tab and check if there are any free tournaments available.

Cash: As clear from the name itself, in cash tournaments, a player would have to pay a pre-determined entry fee to join the tournament. Here you would get a chance of winning the exciting prizes alongside the real cash by showing off your rummy skills. In the games lobby, select the ‘Cash’ tab under the ‘Tourney’ section to find all the cash tournaments available.

Rummy Tournament vs Cash Games

RummyVilla offers both gameplays to their clients – cash games and rummy tournaments. While many thinks it is the same thing, the gameplay for both modes is quite different. Here are the few things you should keep in mind while entering a rummy tournament.

  • Online rummy tournaments are multiplayer where a player must compete against several other players and move upwards in the table to win.
  • The prize pool and the winning amount in the cash tournaments are based on the number of total players participating in the tournament.
  • In most rummy tournaments, a player would have to reserve his seat to join the game by pre-registering for the game.

FAQs on RummyVilla Tournaments

In every tournament, there are a fixed number of seats. Players are seated across multiple tables where a player has to pre-register for the game. To join the tournament, A player must complete the registration process and then click the ‘Join’ tab at the scheduled time to participate.

A maximum of 6 players can sit on a rummy table. The motive is to fill all six positions on the table before moving to the next table. If, in any case, only a single player is sitting on an entire table, then he would be declared the winner automatically and advance to the next round.

Tickets do not have a monetary value, but they could be used to access some specific tournaments, running for free cash prizes.

No, every tournament does not offer an assured prize for every user. If a particular tournament is assuring prizes for each player, then it would be mentioned clearly in the tournament details.